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Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell

From abortion rights, to business as well

Is abortion legal where you live?

Check out the link to find out your rights, it’s your give

Taxes got you down, need a break?

Get a DC tax installment agreement, for goodness sake

Got a problem in Pakistan, about tort law?

Check out the tort law cases in Pakistan, find the right flaw

Lutheran Catholic communion agreement, a tale indeed

Three parts of a contract, that’s all you need

Security group rules, for AWS

Find the best practices and guidelines, if you please

Need a third party contract sample?

Find it here, in ample

Art commissions have rules, for sure

Check out Kentucky PL, for the legal allure

Ontario labour laws for breaks, know your rights

Legalize your business, with expert insight

Now you’ve heard the tale, of legal advice

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