Rap Law

Yo, listen up, I’ve got some knowledge to drop
Legal terms and rules, I’m here to make ’em pop
From sanctions in law to the Betz Law Formula
I’m here to break it down for ya, so let’s not delay

If you’re an international student in the UK
Check out the immigration rules, so you don’t get stuck
Selling a bike? Don’t forget the bike sale agreement

Need a statement of liabilities from HMRC?
Head to HLSS, they’ll show you how
China’s legal system got you confused?
Get expert advice on Boston Legal China, no need to feel bemused

Subject-verb agreement got you in a bind?
Check out some examples, it’s not that hard to find
Fashion industry laws can be quite a beast
Navigate them with legal regulations at the very least

When it comes to divorce law, women have rights too
Know your protections, don’t let anyone misconstrue
And for all you electricians out there, I’ve got your back
Inside wireman agreement, I’ve got all the info you lack

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